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Advice on Membership

Centre Membership – What you should know about joining a Caravan and Motorhome Club Centre (CAMC).

Firstly - it’s free to join a Centre and the Lead Member of the CAMC can join any of the many Centres throughout England, Scotland, Whales and Northern Ireland.

However - you can only be a member of one Centre at a time and any joint or family members are also joined to the Centre of choice of the Lead Member.

Centre membership lasts for the current year of your CAMC membership only and you must renew it annually when your CAMC membership is due. The reasons for this are stated below in more detail. You can do this on line or by calling the membership department at CAMC when your annual Club membership is renewed.

Once you join a Centre you cannot change Centres for the current membership year and if you want to change to another Centre you have to wait until your CAMC membership renewal is due.

Centre membership gives you the right to have a say at the Centre Annual General Meeting and only current members can speak or vote at this meeting.

Centre membership (Derbyshire Centre) also gives you access to Derbyshire Centre Facebook page where you can post information, comment on posted items or just catch up with current news. There is however no advertising allowed on this site and the site is also vetted by an administrator to ensure that all news items are kept to a positive standard. The Facebook Administrator has the right to remove or block comments that are unsuitable.)

Please see below a response from Governance at CAMC regarding the reasons why members need to renew their Derbyshire Centre membership annually; the question has been asked regularly on behalf of members, especially those who renew membership automatically, i.e. direct debit:

There are two main reasons why Centre members must actively renew their membership annually:

If Centre membership was allowed to remain without active participation of renewal, over time the Centre would have a huge number of registered members who have no intention of participating in the Centre activities. The Secretary would have a Nominal report possibly with thousands of names on it, continually registered to the Centre, and this would almost be an impossible task to manage.

However, this is the most important reason - since the introduction of General Data Protection Regulation the Club needed to find a way to gain Centre member's consent on an annual basis. So, by renewing annually, a Centre member is actively agreeing to their data being shared with Centres. This allows the Club to comply with the law.

So don’t forget - if you want to remain a Centre Member year on year, it is up to you to contact the CAMC and re-join annually.

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