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Like all good Clubs we have a set of rules. These are designed to make the rallying we do safer and much more pleasant.

The rules are as follows:

While on site, all vehicles must observe the speeding limit.

Bingo games for non-cash prizes of nominal (low) value are permitted as part of a rally social activity. Bingo games for cash or higher value prizes shall not be held at rallies.

Fully qualified licensed drivers only are to drive vehicles on the site. Driving lessons must not be given.

Kite flying, model aircraft flying, ball games, including swing-ball must not be played in the vicinity of the caravans, and marshals should try to provide a suitable area away from any caravans for the playing of games.

Drones are banned from the rally field and any Centre event unless you have prior agreement from Head Office. This rule reflects the Club’s rules on the use of drones on all Club sites, which are also banned without prior agreement from Head Office. Any unauthorised use of drones by members on the rally field or Club sites will face disciplinary action.

Members arriving on Saturday at a normal weekend rally will pay for Saturday night only, except where stated in the rally details.

Members having booked a rally and not attending shall pay a fee of £5 for non attendance, unless they have cancelled the booking more than 7 days prior to the event.

Members can only stay for the duration of the rally and are asked not to approach the landowner for any extension of their visit.

A continuous car horn is the distress signal to summon help. Please do not use it for any other purpose.

All excessive noise must cease at 11.00pm. (Excessive noise being such that it causes annoyance to other Members).

Owners must be in attendance at the caravan at all times whilst the generator is in use

Generators can only be used between the hours of 10:00hrs and 12:00hrs and again between the hours of 16:00hrs and 18:00hrs

Cash is not to be raised or collected for any purpose without prior approval of the Committee other than Centre Donations.

No industrial type or noisy generators are to be used (this will be at the discretion of the marshal's and committee members on each rally).

Generators will be allowed for the efficient running of social events or for medical reasons (subject to the marshal's permission).

The flying of a Yellow Flag at the flagpole requires all vehicle movement to cease immediately (including 4WD's), unless directed otherwise by the rally marshal.

Photographs may be taken at rallies. Please advise the Marshal if you have any objection to photos of yourself or family being used in our social media pages.

Donations will be sought from members for being towed on to or off the site by 4WDs (or other vehicles). Any surplus money so raised may be given to charities selected by the Committee.

A member may pitch a tent of a size not exceeding 48sq.ft. floor area to be used for sleeping purposes only. The tent is to be sited at the side of the Caravan and if not possible, at the Marshals discretion. Play or Storage tents are not permitted. Tents must be taken down as soon as possible on the last day of the rally.

On arrival at the site Vans are to be pitched with the front offside corner of the body `on' the marker peg. Cars are to be parked on the offside of the caravan.

A member may, at the discretion of the marshal save one adjacent pitch for a friend.

The contents of chemical closets and wastewater are to be disposed of in the places designated by the marshals. Kitchen and other dry waste is to be taken home (except at rallies of duration longer than a normal weekend - when facilities may be provided).

Dogs must be kept on a lead while on a site and must not be allowed to foul the property of members, the ground in the vicinity of vans, or the vicinity of the rally site. Dogs must be kept under control and on a lead no more than 2 metres long and if the dog is tethered it must be within the boundaries of your pitch.

A normal weekend rally extends from Friday evening to Sunday evening.

Caravan sites act (Non-Licensed Sites)

You may store your caravan in your own garden, or you may visit a friend by placing your caravan `within the curtilage' of their home.

You can place your caravan anywhere (with the occupiers permission of course) and stay one or two nights. It is up to the land occupier to see that yours is the only caravan on their land, and that the land is only used for 28 days in the year, eg. Filling Station, Inn Yard, Paddock.

If the land occupier has more than 5 acres, the limit is three caravans at one time, but again only for 28 days per year, e.g. The orthodox farm.

Caravan sites act (Licensed Sites)

All licensed sites have to display a copy of the licence so that you can tell if your caravan is within the permitted number. If this is in order you can go on any site that will have you.

Club Sites/Certified Locations

These do not need a site licence or planning permission. Nor do sites which have received a certificate from the Club and are marked in the 2022 Directory. Only five caravans at a time are allowed and none can stop more than 28 days in any one year.

Health & safety

Do not drink from rivers or streams.

Ensure that animals have not been in contact with water taps, e.g. taps for water troughs.

Avoid contact with animals wherever possible.

Avoid walking through areas contaminated with faeces or slurry liquid wherever possible.

Keep out of areas not allocated to the rally.

Wash hands thoroughly before eating, drinking or smoking etc.

Clean off clothing, footwear or any items carried, which may have been in contact with the ground.

Fire precautions, should you discover a fire the procedure to be adopted is as follows

Raise the alarm.

Delegate someone to call the fire brigade (Even when the fire is out, their advice is invaluable)

Evacuate all occupants and persons from the area.

If the fire is not connected with gas, get someone to turn off the gas, only if it is safe to do so without endangering life and if confident of using the equipment correctly.

In the event of a fire in the cylinder locker, preventing you from turning off the gas, the fire will have to be completely extinguished to get at the cylinder valve/regulator and turn it to the 'off' position. If the fire is not completely extinguished a flashback can occur. The procedure must not be attempted unless it can be done safely and without endangering life.


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