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What are Rally Buddies?...

A Rally Buddy is a member of our Junior Section, where as a centre we promote the etiquette of rallying to our young ralliers. This helps to promote good behaviour and rule following down the age groups of our children and visitors.

You can easily identify one of our "Official" Rally Buddies by looking out for the purple hoodies and t-shirts with our centre logo and their name on.

They are also the members of the centre that give you the chance to feed your sweet tooth from a selection of the tasty treats they have on offer at any of their many Tuck Shops that operate at several rallies throughout the rally programme!


All children on Derbyshire Centre rallies are welcome to join our ‘Rally Juniors’


The older children (age 10+) have the option to become a ‘Rally Buddy’ once they have attended over 10 Derbyshire Centre rallies.


Whilst Rally Buddies are not expected to take responsibility for children on the rally they will certainly encourage participation from other rally juniors and new ralliers in any organised games and activities.


They understand we have Centre Rules and etiquette that need to be followed whilst on a rally field and can learn about the wonderful world of Caravans and Motorhomes along the way! 


You can easily identify our Rally Buddies on the rally field by looking out for the purple hoodies. If you need your aqua roll or water topping up - give them a shout and they will be happy to help! 

For More Information, please speak to one of our Rally Buddies Liaison Officers:

Helen Wanless - Centre Secretary

Andrea Toplis - Plaque Officer 

(click on a name above to email)

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