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Darley Moor Annual Bonfire and Firework Rally

The annual bonfire and firework rally this year was made an invite to the Nottingham Centre due to their regular venue having to withdraw from allowing a firework display. The rally seen 29 arrivals and 2 non-attenders with visitors from Nott’s, Leicestershire, and Staffordshire.

The weather was not kind to say the least, but everyone took it in their stride and made the weekend an overall success.

The rally buddies and children in attendance had fun with the Tuck Shop and Guy building competition which seen Rally Buddy Darcy Toplis take the winning prize with her “Gal” Guy, this was followed by free hotdogs. Also, this weekend seen two new members join our rally buddies, Welcome Dominic and Katelin.

Due to the weather conditions the decision was made to light the bonfire early which proved to be a great decision as by the time the fireworks display started the fire was roaring and warming the crowds. The firework display was complemented by many of the attending ralliers and positive feedback all round.

We were also visited by Derbyshire Fire and Rescue following our submission of our Risk Assessments and we walked and talked them through the site and programme of events to which was all satisfactory and a relationship has now been made for future events.

I would like to thank the committee and marshals for their hard work and dedication over the weekend and in the early preparation of the rally, with extended thanks to Darley Moor volunteers, Peak Waste for supplying the wood for the bonfire and to Hugo’s Bar for supplying the catering.

Notes from Flag that was delivered by Simon Toplis (Treasurer)

Good morning & welcome to Derbyshire Centre Annual bonfire rally.

I am Simon Toplis, Treasurer of the Derbyshire Centre and the twisted Fire starter.

We rally here with kind permission of Edie Nelson and Darley Moor Race Track. A special thank you goes out to the Darley Moor Team as they plotted this weekend ignited us with support as usual.

Also pass on our thanks to Peak Waste for providing the wood for the bonfire.

We have past parliament members, my favourite 2 chairman’s on this weekend rally. Lesley Gregory and John Strutt. Guys you are banging and we thank you for your continued support.

We have 29 attendees, a special welcome to our visiting centres, Nottinghamshire, Staffordshire and Leicestershire. It’s glad to see our centres having not burnt the fuses and support each other and we hope you all had a flaming gun time.

Technically we had 2 non attenders but cancelled on the day so they don’t count as far as I’m concerned along with several units cancelling earlier in the week.

We have 1 first time rallier, and what a baptism of fire for ROBERT RUDD and party. I can assure you it does get better the more rallies you attend, mostly anyway.

Next rally you book on with the Derbyshire Centre you will receive a £5 discount.

I must thank the all committee members for their support, new and old but more new Craig and Shaun as they made it a blaze.

Before I thank the marshals I would like to thank for the Rally Buddies and everyone that supported the tuck shop.

Darcy has been promoted to fire spotter after she spotted a fire started at the end of the firework display. She now has earned free rallies for 2024 but parents still need to pay.

I would like to present hoodies to our new Rally buddies Katelin and Dominic for their commitment and support on the rallies.

We have had a few wet dogs but I would like to thank Helen Wanless for her hot dogs.

Thank you to the Marshalls for this rally John and Margaret Strutt Chairman Scott, Helen & TJ Wanless.

Since Scott has been chairman he has had deal with some really wet weather but his spark is still lit and hopefully his next rally will be scorcher. I thank you for not having a short fuse and giving ignition into the centre.

We are not aware of any birthdays or anniversaries.

Future Rallies

Poolsbrook caravan & Motorhome club 17-19th November. Bookings are now closed for this rally.

Christmas Party 1st-3rd December Ukrainian centre Weston on Trent. Plenty of spaces available. More information on this rally to be posted shortly on Website & Facebook.

The 2024 Rally calendar is now live on the website.

Please take a look as there some excellent rallies for next year.

Safe journey home.

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